Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ultimate sacrifice

In honor of all who served our Country and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedom. The American Bald Eagle is the symbol of this great Country.

Eagle Has Landed 10 x 7
Medium - Gouache
Original available - $300.00 + shipping

Prints also available - $30.00 + shipping

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to Cut a Mat for Picture Framing

Cutting a mat requires understanding the material and the know-how to use the tools properly. A mat cutter is an instrument in the hands of a skilled craftsman.
Mat board is made of several layers glued together to make the board. A blade used to cut the board is thin and very sharp. If the blade was too thick and not sharp it would tear the paper. But because it’s thin it will have a tendency to flex, causing the cut to waver.

Even with precaution, blade flex can still occur if the cut is too deep.  In mat cutting, a scrap piece of mat board called a backing sheet is used under the mat when cutting.  Adjust the depth of the cut to just scratch the surface of the backing sheet.

Replace the backing sheet when the surface gets a lot of scores. Also a dull blade can also lead to blade flex.  When the blade is new it cuts through the mat board with ease, as it becomes dull it drags and the more it drags, the more it flexes. 

Changing the blade often eliminates chips and dullness in the blade. It also prevents the patchy cutting and failure to cut through the mat during the entire length of the cut. Make sure the blade depth is properly adjusted. Mat board can vary in thickness so double check the blade depth before cutting. 
With firm downward pressure, hold the metal rail firmly in place. Then press down on the thumb depression on the mat cutter to plunge the blade into the mat. Move the cutter along the rail (towards the top of the opening) while applying firm downward pressure until you reach the upper line.  Slowly press the mat cutter about 1/32″ beyond the opening’s top line to insure that the corner is cut all the way through.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Semi Custom Framing Service Available

The most expensive part of a custom framing order is almost always the frame. So one of the best ways to save money is to use a standard size picture frame whenever possible. The use of ready made picture frames makes it an economical and practical alternative to framing canvas art, photographs, pastels and watercolors, especially when custom framing is not the answer to your framing needs. By using inexpensive ready made frames, cutting custom mats to fit a standard frame and clear glass I can put it all together to make people think you had it custom framed.  Even if art is an odd size, a custom mat can often be used with a standard frame. And, if a standard size just won't do, a wood or metal frame kit may be the answer. So bring me your art and I will make it special.

Do you have a frame you would like to reuse? I can make an evaluation to see if the frame is in good repair and appropriately sized.

Check out my website:


Monday, May 2, 2016

My first Art Festival

April 30, 2016 - Artisans in the Park at the Conrad Weiser Homestead.

I had a great day, talking to all the visitors that stopped at my booth. It was my first show and had no idea how it was going to go. I learned a lot. I didn't make a lot of money, but I covered my costs. I had a lot of expenses getting ready for the show. I had to make panels for hanging my paintings. Getting prints made, matting & framing. It was a wonderful experience and met a lot of nice people, all in all it was a successful day. Learned a lot about setting up, what the visitors to my booth liked. Now I have a direction to go for future shows.
Thank you for coming out and visiting me.